Comedian, Writer, Director, Filmmaker, Friend, Rapscallion, Social Anxiety Filled, Urban Legend... 



Alexander Malt is a Comedian, Writer, Director and Producer.

Born in Boston, MA, Alexander Malt discovered both causing trouble and writing at an early age. He also discovered he had a talent for both. If it is possible to graduate high school sarcastically, Malt did just that at Governor's Academy in 2004; his year book reading, "The only real problem with GA was that it was too spread out to burn down in just one fire."

After attending the University of Denver with a degree in Creative Writing, Alexander began working in International Advertising for 20th Century Fox. While there, he found a love for the film world and turned his writing talents there. After helping to write jokes for the film The Loneliest Road in America and after hearing a movie theater full of people laugh, he was hooked. 

Alexander Malt graduated the Los Angeles Film School in 2015 where he learned both the craft and a love of directing. 

Since then Alexander Malt has gone on to write and direct the short film Flyover States and the TV pilot Disillusioned and start his own production company Big Cat Films.

Alexander has always had a love for stand up comedy and in 2016 began perusing a career in it. Off to a quick start Malt has been booking shows across the country. He has performed at venues such as Flapper's and Ice House in Los Angeles as The Middle East in Boston and even on stages in France.

If what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, Alexander Malt is happy he has almost died so many times.



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